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The Embedded Message; Quilting in Contemporary Art

My P is for Panopticon Quilt is on view in "The Embedded Message; Quilting in Contemporary Art", curated by Melissa Messina and Stefanie Fedor with Gina Adams, Sanford Biggers, Maria Guzmán Capron, Kathryn Clark, Aaron McIntosh, Tameka Norris, Amanda Ross-Ho, Sterling Ruby, Hank Willis Thomas, Vadis Turner, Ben Venom and Saya Woolfalk

Silent Sentinels at the Ann Street Gallery

The exhibition highlights gender equality in the arts with selected works of seventeen artists to include: fiber arts, textiles, sculpture, paintings, and a sound installation, exploring subject matter that reflects their personal practice and unique techniques. The Silent Sentinel exhibition pays homage to those pioneering suffragists whose ground-breaking activism and perseverance in the quest for women’s equality and social reform are an inspiration to all.

Artists featured: Marieken Cochius, Orly Cogan, Elizabeth Duffy, Carol Boram-Hays, Cynthia Karalla, Megan Klim, Elizabeth Mackie, Katherine Mann, Penny Mateer, Chris Motley, Janet Nolan, Leslie Pontz, Beth Scher, Naomi Schlinke, Tamar Stone, Etty Yaniv, and Susannah Zucker.

The exhibition was curated by Virginia Walsh and will be on view through Saturday, January 20, 2018.

This One's for You!

June 16, 2017 - September 16, 2017

Featuring: Macyn Bolt, Richard Bottwin, Federico Busonero, Linda Cummings, Elizabeth Duffy, Carole Freysz Gutierrez, Susan Hamburger, Marietta Hoferer, Lita Kelmenson, Zoe Keramea, Michael Kukla, Matthew Langley, Nancy Manter, Joanne Mattera, Youjin Moon, Martin Mullin, Margaret Neill, Tomomi Ono, Eung Ho Park, Frances Richardson, Louise P. Sloane, Katsumi Suzuki, Cheryl Yun 

Patterning, at the Kentler International Drawing Space

with Grace DeGennaro, Elizabeth Duffy, Alexander Gorlizki, Marietta Hoferer, Viviane Rombaldi Seppey, Taney Roniger, Donna Ruff, Sepideh Salehi
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